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The Conversation

(May 2, 2019). “Ancestry ad Gets it Wrong: Canada Was Never Slave-free.”

(Feb. 19, 2019). “I Am Not Your Nice ‘Mammy’: How Racist Stereotypes Still Impact Women.”

(Jan. 17, 2019). “Black Canadian Women Artists Detangle the Roots of Black Beauty.”

spacing magazine

(Oct. 29, 2018). The Complicated History of Canadian Blackface.”

(Oct. 3, 2018). Janice Reid’s ‘Real Love’ Intersects Race and Space.”

(Aug. 17, 2018). “Marcus Garvey's Place in Toronto's History.” 

(Apr. 28, 2018). The Roots of Doug Ford’s White Saviour Complex.”

(Feb. 9, 2018). Black History Month: Aunt Jemima Kitchens and a History of Southern Nostalgia in Toronto.”

(Jan. 29, 2018). Revisited ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ at Buddies Shines a Spotlight on Racialized Labour.”

(Aug. 15, 2017). Scarborough’s Gun Violence a Symptom of Larger Issues.”

(July 31, 2017). Caribana and the Meaning of Ordered Chaos.”

Herizons Magazine

(Summer, 2018). “Making Room for Life: Multi-talented artist Aisha Sasha John Combines Words with Movement,” 32 (2), 29-31.

(Spring, 2018). Misogynoir in Canada: Robyn Maynard Documents the Policing of Black Lives in Canada,” 32 (1), 21-23.

(Summer 2016). The Sweet Taste of Lemonade: Beyoncé Serves Up Feminist History,” 30, 40-42.

(Summer 2015). “Living Thru Race: Althea Prince on Black Beauty, Pop Culture, and the Canadian Race Politics,” 44-46.

(Summer 2014). “Black Beauty Products: Why Women’s Hair Needs Safer Care,” 20- 23.

The Halifax Coast

(June 21, 2018). Being Black and a Tourist in Halifax.”

Guts Magazine

(Feb. 26, 2018). Canada’s Black Beauty Culture is More than a Politics.”

toronto star

(Dec. 13, 2016). It’s Important to Put Viola Desmond into Historical Context.

(May 9, 2008). New FLOW Morphing Into the Mainstream.”

(Jan. 31, 2008). Why do Black Women Fear the ‘Fro?.

Montreal Gazette

(Nov. 15, 2012). A Hollywood Choice that Betrays the Legacy of Nina Simone.”


(May 14, 2017). For Colored Girls Hits the Right Tone.”

(May 3, 2017). Bee Nation - More Than Words.”

(Apr. 24, 2017). Black to the Promised Land at TJFF 25 Years Later.”

(Apr. 18, 2017). Hot Docs Film Review: Babe, I Hate To Go.”

(Apr. 9, 2017). Here’s Why Book Of Mormon Isn’t Funny At All.”


(Sept. 14, 2017). Removing Monuments and Renaming Schools is a Step in the Right Direction.”

(Feb. 21, 2017). White Populist Feminism Makes Intersectionality Nearly Impossible.”

(Apr. 8, 2016). We Need a Frank Conversation about Race, Not another Racism ‘test’.” 

(Apr. 7, 2016). Blacks Lives Matter. Tweets Don’t.”

(Jun. 27, 2014). St-Hubert’s Use of Racial Stereotypes Reflects Wider Diversity Issue on Canadian Television.” Co-written with Lalai Manjikian.

(Feb. 21, 2014). Why We Need to Rethink Black History Month.”


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