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Past Events


Panelist with Natasha Henry. (4 February 2019). “Black History in The Ward.” Bram & Blum Appel Salon, Toronto Reference Library. Toronto, ON.

Workshop Lead. (17 January 2019). “Race, Equity, and the Politics of Beauty: Why Difference is Not the Same as Diversity.” Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board’s Equity Leads Conference. Apollo Convention Centre, Mississauga, ON.

Speaker. (27 November 2018). Human Library Project at UTSC — Mentorship & Community (Building). Presented at The University of Toronto Scarborough, Toronto.

Speaker. (30 October 2018). “Doug Ford, White Saviorism and the Racial Politics of Unnaming in Canadian Media.” Presented at #NotMyPremier: Media Activism in Ford’s Ontario, The Studio for Media Activism & Critical Thought, Ryerson RTA. Toronto.

Speaker. (29 September 2018). “Identity Politics of Place and Memory.” Presented at Dream Time: We All Have Stories curated by Karen Alexander, Transmutations: Dubmorphology, Nuit Blanche. Toronto.

Panelist. (19 August 2018). “Black Hair Panel Discussion.” Presented at Hamilton’s First Black Hair Brunch. Hamilton.

Moderator. (16 August 2018). “Lost & Found Discussions: The Stories of Our City.” Presented at Campbell House Museum. Toronto.

Speaker with Public Historian Kathy Grant. (1 August 2018). “An Evening to Celebrate Emancipation Day.” Presented at A Different Booklist. Toronto.

Panelist. (19 June 2018). “The Ward Uncovered.” Presented at Toronto Reference Library. Toronto.

Workshop Lead. (10 March 2018). “Black Feminist Thought.” Presented at the 4th Annual Women’s & Trans Centre Conference, “Blossom.” University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), Toronto.

Speaker with Toronto Journalist John Lorinc and Public Historian Kathy Grant. (7 March 2018). Presented at Myseum x Henderson Pint Sized Conversations: The Ward Uncovered. Henderson Brewery, Toronto.

Speaker with Performance Artist Camille Turner. (1 March 2018). “Memory, Monuments, and Public Space as Archive.” Presented at Indelible Refusal: Bodies, Performance and Walking Resistance, The Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto.

Panelist (26 February 2018). “The Politics of Black Beauty: Colorism/Shadeism in the Black Beauty Industry.” Presented at Scarborough Campus Students’ Union’s Black History Month Event, UTSC.

Panelist (12 September 2017). “Deconstructing Racial Discomfort in Education.” Presented at Decentering Whiteness in Academia Panel Discussion, UTSC.

Speaker (30 August 2017). “Critical Thinking and Finding Your Path.” Presented at The First Lecture: UTM Talks, University of Toronto Mississauga.

TEDxUTSC Talk (4 February 2017). “Why Positive Thinking is Not Enough.” Presented at University of Toronto Scarborough.

Co-Presenter (26 January 2017). “How Toronto’s Newspapers Re-invented ‘Dixie’ in the Promotion of Local Blackface Minstrelsy, 1880s - 1920s.” Presented at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies Colloquium Series (2016-17).

Speaker (6 February 2014). “Locating Race: Mediating the Boundaries of Mimicry in the Notman Photographic Archives.” Presented at Institute for Public Life of Arts and Ideas Graduate and Postgraduate Symposium, McGill University, Montreal.

Keynote (18 March 2014). “Race-ing’ the McCord's Collections: Nineteenth-Century Photographs and Lithographs.” Presented at Tea at the McCord Museum, Montreal.

Keynote (25 October 2012). “Popular Culture, Women, and the Colour of Beauty in Canada.” Presented at Social Science Festival, Cégep Vanier College, Montreal.